Category: Living Audaciously

  • November Challenges the Spirit of Giving

    I love fall. I fall in love with fall every year.  Even though I live in Miami, I transform my classroom as much as possible into a leaf falling environment. My students, this year, were fabulous about it. They worked as a team to get the paper leaves up on the ceiling. When the air […]

  • Bye Voldermort! Hello 2012

    The past 365 days of my life can best be compared to a kitchen blender. Sometimes life was choppy or smooth but the last two months of 2011 I was going through a few dicey moments. The year 2012 was not going to be too tasty if I didn’t change my situation right away. The […]

  • Looking Forward to 2010

    Happy 2010 to all of my family, friends, readers and supporters! At the moment, many of you are fighting off a hangover or bustling about shopping. Today, I have decided to use all of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained from former teachers, books, friends, family and omni media to ensure that if I am […]