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  • United Teachers of Dade: More Divided Than United

    This is an email that Shirley Person sent to Karen Aronowitz, president of United Teachers Of Dade, regarding the school bond referendum in this year’s election. Shirley agreed to share it here with all of you. Share it with others who will be voting this year in Miami’s school bond referendum. Vote #223 VOTE AGAINST […]

  • Save Education! Vote #223 on the Bond Referendum

    Since it is a presidential election year, people feel that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything. Therefore, I thought I should add that I am a registered Democrat and Dr. Maria Peiro is a registered Republican. Yet, we both agree that giving our school board $1.2 BILLION dollars to play with is a very […]

  • The Hunger Games: Is It Too Violent For Middle School?

    Someone after viewing the movie, The Hunger Games, asked me how I could teach this novel to my 7th grade students with all that violence. This inquisitive person was curious to see my lesson plans. I thought I’d do one better and share my lesson plans here with you. Feel free to share this with […]

  • Back To School Reality Check For Parents

    This post was inspired by Bruce Sallan’s  #dadchat tweets on Thursday evenings. Thank you for allowing me to add my two cents to your tweets.This post is not for every parent. You’ve been warned. This post is meant only for parents who are fed up with the constant fighting they incur with their child during […]

  • A Slice of My Life

    Finally! My personal blog is up and all of you are invited to participate in it. This little place is the place where I will discuss everything that pops into my brain. For those who know me, this can be a dangerous place. People ask me all the time, “What are you thinking about?” And […]