Category: Ongoing Project 365

  • Project 365 Day #58 Abuelita Would Be Proud

    I made the simplest, quickest and healthiest breakfast. As a child, I was a very picky eater but my abuelita, grandmother, would always find a way to push food. It’s a grandma thing but at the same time, I am sure my disability was another reason for her to concoct ways to add nutrition into […]

  • Project 365 Day #11 Tulips To Kiss the Cold Away

    I woke up at 5:30 and the weather channel said it was 28 degrees outside but it also said it feels like 19! That’s all I needed to know about the day! I stayed home. It was to prevent me from getting sick but it seems no such luck! I have a nagging cough that […]

  • Project 365 Day #10

    Several years ago, I penned the word F00F00 to those fluffy slippers that people wear at home. One Christmas, my Aunt Consuelo gave everyone unique Foofoos to fit their personality. Mine resemble my late fluffy love, Scrappy. Now I wear mine when the weather gets so freaking cold! And today, 35 degrees in Miami makes […]

  • Day #9 Happy Birthday To Me

    To most people, this cold,windy, cloudy weather is depressing. To me, it’s comforting. This year, I didn’t really have much of a plan for my 40th birthday. Other than the fact that I made it another year, I wasn’t too gung ho about celebrating. Luckily, the weather helped me out. I spent the day inside, […]

  • Project 365 Day #8 Birthday Cake

    These past two days have been the sweetest days of 2010! A student in each period brought a cake and the kids sang Happy Birthday in English and even Spanish. These are the priceless moments that teachers get to enjoy despite the beauracratic mumbo jumbo work the district gives us.

  • Project 365 Day #7

    Officially, my birthday is on the 9th but this year it lands on a Saturday. Today, a student in my first period Language Arts class gave me this beautiful gift. I don’t need to write much because the picture says it all.

  • Project 365 Day #4

    This is being written today but the picture is from yesterday because there was no way in the world that I could have written anything last night. Bottomline, my car got hit in the rear and I am ticked off! I was on 147 avenue, on my way home from work. Luckily, my car was […]

  • Project 365 #3 Brr..It’s Freaking Cold!

    Weatherman says it will be chilly but he never said it would “OMG! FREAKIN COLD!” This little latina diva on wheels is chillin in Miami! I am a huge fan of cold days in Miami but this week is ridiculous. Now, we are being told that it will get even colder. Is there any ajiaco […]

  • Project 365 Day #2 My Eyes

    This picture captures exactly how I see my surroundings at 6ish in the morning to walk Fendi for her poo poo dance. Amazingly enough, my iPhone camera captured it perfectly today. There’s my car in the background, a nice reminder that I have the freedom to go wherever I want and not have to totally […]