Project 365 Day #2 My Eyes

Blurry Eyes

This picture captures exactly how I see my surroundings at 6ish in the morning to walk Fendi for her poo poo dance. Amazingly enough, my iPhone camera captured it perfectly today.

There’s my car in the background, a nice reminder that I have the freedom to go wherever I want and not have to totally depend on Miami Dade County’s Paratransit system which might be in danger of changing and not for the better. The idea that our society would consider taking or limiting the service that greatly shapes the lives of people with physical disabilities is pathetic. It is greatly compounded by their excuse that it is the economy that is forcing their hands. I doubt it! So every morning I look at my car and pray that I never have to totally depend on Paratransit but I also promise every morning that I will continue to fight for its service because there are others who need it more than me.