NMX Addiction: It Started With the First “Hi”

Andre Meadows from Black Nerd Comedy with Nathasha Alvarez
Andre Meadows aka Black Nerd from Black Nerd Comedy

It’s been one crazy month and the year just started! I am very excited for 2013. I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2011 and 2012 was really umm interesting. But 2013 is going to be amazing!

MY new year always starts on my birthday. I am not a big New Year’s Eve fan. Kissing strangers while being intoxicated is not my thing. I’ll let the people who enjoy waking up in unknown places handle that experience.

I started my birthday waking up in All Suite Rio Hotel  in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now it’s not what you think. Although they say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas applies to everyone, it won’t be applying to me. I want to tell you about Vegas, all about Vegas! Including my crummy stay at the hotel.

But the crummy story will be posted on Audacity Magazine later on, since it deals with the poor customer service toward its customers with physical disabilities.

I can tell you that I became addicted and it all started with the first “Hi”.

I was looking forward to spending time with some of the people who I met via Twitter and other social media platforms. Some of these people spread the message about the importance of developing friendships offline with the same people we meet online.  But a few of them were too “busy” to take five minutes to meet and greet. That’s ok. I am not going to focus on them. They made their actions speak louder than their tweets.

Instead I’m excited about writing several blog posts about the really nice people I met. Some of these people left me in awe at how “real” they were with me and with others.


  • CC Chapman and Nathasha Alvarez At NMX
    CC Chapman Was All Smiles at NMX

    One of the people whom I had been following on Twitter was CC Chapman  I had been in several Tweetchats with him and he seemed like a nice guy as far as nice guys go via Twitter tweets.  After hearing him speak at the conference, I observed the group of people gathering about him. He appeared very much at ease with them. I think he made them feel relaxed. Or maybe I was projecting because he made me feel very much at ease. So much so, that I went up to him to say hi. He gave me a big hug and we were friends.  Just like that. On the last day of the conference, I felt comfortable enough to ask him if he could assist me going up a steep ramp. That’s a biggie for me because I hate asking for help. Once again, he made me feel very relaxed. We spoke about life, his family and the conference. We hugged goodbye and I left feeling good about my new friend. CC doesn’t boast on twitter about being a social media guru or preach about how to make your online friends become your offline friends. He is too busy being a real friend. I can say he and his family are welcomed to Miami anytime.  Check him out on twitter as well. @cc_chapman

  • Triberr's Dino Dogan at New Media Expo with Nathasha Alvarez
    Triberr’s Dino Dogan with me at New Media Expo

    If you’re a blogger then you must know Triberr  If you know Triberr then you know Dino Dogan.  But do you really know him? He was one of the nicest guys I met at NMX. He had a packed room at NMX and yet, he was nice enough to take the time to explain a few of the questions I had about Triberr. He could’ve made excuses about how he was busy or had a huge ego and direct me to his site’s Q&A. But no, he opened up his laptop and patiently guided me around the site. That’s how you get loyal people to support you! Loved my time with him as well. By the way, he is that nice on Twitter as well.

  • The best example of the first “Hi” is my first encounter with Jason Houck I was dealing with what would be my first of many fight rounds with All Suite Rio Hotel when Jason came up to me and said “Hi!” I recognized him right away from his twitter picture. He was an extremely friendly guy online and offline.  It’s because of him that I really thought to myself, WOW! I’m glad I came after traveling for over 8 hours. Although I never saw Jason for the rest of the conference, I never forgot how he made me feel as if we had known each other a lifetime.


Maybe it’s my imagination. I doubt it. But these three have something in common. They had no hang ups. There were no egos. Three nice people willing to develop relationships with people they had met online.  They all started it with the first “Hi”. This stuff can get addicting. And it did.

  • Andre Meadows and I had been tweeting back and forth with each other. The guy is a sweetheart. He was busy on a panel, putting together projects but when he saw me he came up to me and gave me a “Hi”. I’m telling you this stuff is addicting! Super sweet guy and of course, very funny. Want a laugh about the 80s and 90s? Check him out. (See photo at the very top!) We looked great!
  • I couldn’t stop there. This was too much to keep inside. I had been tweeting with @CebSilver for a very long time. One of my first Twitter friends! When I found out Curtis Silver would be working at the conference, I went searching for him. He was busy and I was busy but hey, that should never be an excuse when you want to get your next “Hi!”

    @cebsilver Curtis Silver meets Nathasha Alvarez at New Media Expo 2013
    Curtis Silver aka @cebsilver FINALLY Tweeps Reunited

Where do you get your next “Hi”?

Whew! Long post! More tomorrow! 

  • http://www.patrickkphillips.com Patrick

    I had a similar experience with a celebrity just yesterday. I was fortunate enough to meet TV personality Todd Newton, a game show host and motivational speaker, who’d come to town to host “The Price is Right Live” show at our local Performing Arts Center.

    We’d exchanged a few messages on Facebook, so he knew OF me without knowing me. But he was very personable and when I pointed out I was the one who’d exchanged the Facebook message with the day before, he remembered and even tweeted a photo of the two of us to his followers! It’s amazing how far a little nice treatment goes!

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      WOW! I love when that happens. Patrick, I bet you’re one of those cool guys to hang out with. I hope I can meet you one day in person as well. You know, CC was one of the first people I met at New Media Expo. He was so easy to talk to. Later on, someone came up to me and asked me how long CC and I had been friends. When I told the guy that I had only known CC from Twitter, he was shocked. He was concerned about approaching CC. I said “Nah go for it!” Cute! I hope he did.

  • http://www.patrickkphillips.com Patrick

    Oops…hit “Post” too soon…

    And I’m glad you had a great interaction with so many people. It sounds like you’ve made some really great connections!

  • http://www.cc-chapman.com C.C. Chapman

    It was so great to meet you and I’m glad I made you feel at ease.

    Our chat as we walked up the ramp and afterwards sure did beat trying to sit through that closing “keynote” or whatever it was.

    I’m really glad we got to not only meet each other, but start a great friendship. Hopefully I can get down to Miami sometime and say HI again.

    Take care and see you soon.

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      C.C. I meant to include you in on my comment to Patrick. Scroll down to check it out. I hope that guy approached you. I don’t know his name right now. But he wanted to talk to you. It was after our conversation up the ramp. That ramp is for another blog post! 🙁
      You made many people feel at ease which is why so many people came to talk to you afterward. Thank you for being genuine.
      Yup! Come on over to Miami anytime. Ravens or 49’ers?

  • http://diyblogger.net Dino Dogan (@dinodogan)

    Damn we look good in that picture 🙂

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      I come back here to read your comment. Makes me smile.

  • http://www.dadblunders.com/ Aaron Brinker

    I loved this post! I am a stay-at-home dad and I spend a lot of my “late” evenings getting to know other bloggers, parents and tweeters. I have always wondered if people were as sincere in real life as the ones I have met online. I know and have been told the words people write don’t always show the true person. I am sure there are some people that aren’t as nice in real life or don’t take the time to say “hi.” I like to believe in the end those are the people that will be unhappy and the most alone. Just my thoughts though and I can’t verify the truth in the statement except from my own experiences with people.

    Thank you for writing this!

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      thanks. The experience was priceless. I feel very comfortable with the people who did say HI. Isn’t that how all great relationships start?

  • http://www.dadblunders.com Aaron Brinker

    Without a doubt! 🙂

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

  • Nicole Maoz

    Hello Ms.Alvarez it’s Nicole Maoz and I read some of your stories and I just have to say that your life is AMAZING ! You’re a really good writer and I hope I could become one as good as you are . Well see you later .

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      Thank you, Nicole. I know you will become a great writer. In fact, you will be great at anything you put your mind, time and energy into. 🙂

  • http://www.audaciouslady.com estrella fuensalida

    Hi Natacha!! I enjoy reading everything you write , hope you remember me (we were very young).I now live en Argentina. If you ever come round you you are invited to be my guest. beso grande

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      My mom was helping me remember you. What is the name of your parents? Are you on facebook?

  • http://jessicalawlor.com Jessica Lawlor

    Sounds like you had an awesome time! I love meeting people in person that I’ve only ever met online.

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      I love it when the person is the same or even friendlier in person. 🙂