Occupy UTD: United Teachers of Dade Is Not Too United


Superintendent Alberto Carvalho bought out UTD for pennies.
United Teachers of Dade sold the teachers of Miami Dade County County Public Schools for pennies to Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

From noon today until tomorrow at 3 pm, Miami-Dade County Public School teachers will be occupying the United Teachers of Dade building. They are protesting the contract which we all will be voting on tomorrow.

1. Many teachers realized that this contract will end in 2015 and even a beginning teacher who would be starting at $40,000 won’t be able to live on that. Trust me! I am on step 11 which is $42,000 and I still have to take on extra work to pay the bills.

2. Teachers realized that the cost of health insurance from the present contract to the proposed contract will increase costs so significantly that we will actually be losing money by voting yes to the contract.

3.  Teachers in the middle of the pay scale will get an average of an extra $1.24 per day raise. This is no lie! Miami-Dade County Public School system led by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho think that veteran teachers like myself will accept these crumbs because they think we have no where else to go.

4. If you’re a beginning teacher, get wise. There will no longer be tenure which means that you will be stuck on step one forever. Can you live on $40,000 per year for the rest of your life? If so, share your secret with the rest of us.

5. MDCPS is slowly replacing teachers with virtual classes. Technology is a great supplement but not substitute for quality education.  This article is about technology enhancing not replacing quality education. http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/11/12/why-allow-ed-tech-access-we-owe-it-to-our-students/print/

6. The teacher at the top of the scale aren’t too happy about their increase either since it won’t affect their retirement.

7. Did I forget to mention that MDCPS has enough to give the teachers the FOUR years of broken contract promises? Did I forget to mention that we also have to put in 3% for our own pension?

8. Remember! Vote and record your answer with your camera because UTD has had several issues with their voting system. It appears it only happens when the vote doesn’t go their way.

If you are a teacher in Miami, Florida tell me what else I left out?

Remember, if we want to be taken seriously we must be united.

UTD wants teachers to agree to a raise of less than one dollar! This is how Superintendent Alberto Carvalho values teachers.
UTD wants teachers to agree to a raise of less than one dollar! This is how Superintendent Alberto Carvalho values teachers.


This contract is not a fair salary increase distribution.

You can go join the Occupy Movement right now. Make your voice heard. UTD leaders earn 6 figure incomes. Do you think they really have what’s in your best interest?

  • Lynn Atkinson

    You left out the part that the ONLY reason that the beginning teacher’s salary is high is that UTD dues are based on a percentage of the beginning teacher’s salary…that is why it is high to give UTD a raise as they will truly need it as many of my colleagues once they saw this contract are quitting. Even though I was officially removed as UTD steward as UTD member on stupidity at its finest of plain garbage by new UTD members (who were once my assistant principal that I filed a grievance against) Can you believe UTD allowed the very assistant principal that committed fraud on my IPEGS (which I filed a grievance against) to testify against me (during UTD’s Monkey Trial) She had become a new UTD member because she lost her AP position.…Although all of the “Land of Stupid” mentality exists within UTD, I still advocate unionization and the full concept of a real union… though many UTD members have been left high and dry, as two of the grievances filed when I was the UTD steward which ultimately reached arbitration and then have remained in arbitration purgatory. Yet, I still am a union person. Therefore, I never advise membership to ever leave UTD; I simply state the obvious…Karen Aronowitz needs to be removed as UTD president for this terrible excuse of a contract and the added costs of healthcare. The concept when presented for going self-insured was to help us…it has only hurt us…as M-DCPS now runs the healthcare like they run Worker’s Compensation, to make money on the backs of ill teachers. This is tragic.
    If anyone votes this contract they are voting for the art of teaching to become a Wal-Mart-like profession!

  • Lynn Atkinson

    Great work Nathasha…….

  • Eugene Ramirez

    Would like to speak to you ladies about the issue for a report I’m working on for 7 News. Please call our assignment desk at 305-795-2777 and ask to be connected to me, Eugene Ramirez. Or email me directly at eramirez@wsvn.com


  • James Brochey

    I am not very savvy in the matters of law and unions, but there has to be a way to force the Union to reorganize and get rid of its ruling faction, or rebuild it from the ground up. Even if it wasn’t corrupt, they have no real power here.

    • James Brochey

      Let me rephrase, I believe in the Union system and without a Union, the wolves in Tallahassee would shred our profession into a minimum wage worker factory pumping out test taking products with no real world knowledge, basically mindless drones who will find happiness in folding shirts and flipping burgers. we need a Union in place, but we need a real union, a strong union.

      • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

        You’ve just described what we already have in place. We are making minimum wage.

    • http://www.audaciouslady.com Nathasha Alvarez

      Every one should give themselves a raise and leave the union. Once Karen Aronowitz the UTD president realizes that every one is leaving, she will grow some courage and do what is right or find herself on a sinking ship.