Project 365 Day #4

A Crack In The Rear!

This is being written today but the picture is from yesterday because there was no way in the world that I could have written anything last night. Bottomline, my car got hit in the rear and I am ticked off! I was on 147 avenue, on my way home from work. Luckily, my car was not moving and the car behind me didn’t hit me so hard that it would engage the air bag but that doesn’t mean there is no pain today. There is! I feel foggy and my back feels like someone did tae bo on it.

The rescue team was constantly reassuring me that it could have been worse. I don’t disagree there but someone needs to relay that message to my body.

My car is brand new! Last year, I didn’t know whether to buy a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord but after reviewing the crash tests, I chose the Honda because it out performed the Toyota in rear end crash tests. And looky here! Rear end crash and my car only needs a new bumper! I am super fortunate for that! Happy snappy, I say!

However, not only do I have an achy breaky back but I have this horror that one day someone will rear end me harder and that air bag will kill me! Since I have brittle bones, aka Osteogenesis Imperfecta, the pressure from the airbag could have caused significant physical injury to my body. It would be better if I didn’t have the airbag at all. Now, this is something I have heard from several people with OI. The problem is that it is illegal to tamper with the airbag. There should be an exception to this law! I don’t feel like having my face flattened!

  • melissa swartley

    Oh wow! Sorry to hear about your crash! I can imagine how much your back must hurt! Good point on the air bag and the fact that there should be some kind of medical exception to the rule of no tampering! My daughter Sonya also has OI. She is type 3, almost 2 years old and doing great! We have a blog as well at Do you mind if I follow your blog? Thanks and well wishes! Melissa

  • admin

    I am looking into the airbag situation and as of yesterday, I still have the biggest headache since the accident. But, it seems like I am the boy crying wolf mainly because people don’t understand that the “slight” bump was not so slight on my body.

    Thanks for the follow. I am going to check out your blog. 🙂
    Are you going to the oi conference this summer?