Some Watch Flowers Blossom, I Watch My Garden of Students

Sometimes there are groups of students who capture your heart as you capture their minds. This year, while my students may not be Einsteins, they have a heart of gold. It does happen every now and then. The last group of students who made me feel like this are now graduating seniors at their local high schools. This year, the kids have been amazingly kind and well mannered. Now to get them to have the hunger for more knowledge is the last piece to my puzzle. I don’t have much time. The school year ends at the beginning of June. The FCAT, statewide Reading test, isn’t my primary goal. Getting them to think on their own, use critical thinking skills, love novels and understand themselves is more important.

What makes these kids different than the previous year?

It’s in their heart. For example, a group of young female students gave me one of the best Christmas gifts ever. After hearing over and over about my crush on Criminal Minds’ actor, Shemar Moore, they gave me this:



Shemar Moore
My students made this for me. One of many gorgeous Shemar Moore cards.









What more could I ask for?

If that wasn’t enough, when I returned from NMX another student gave me this card:







Shemar Moore Wishing Nathasha Alvarez Happy Birthday
Shemar Moore Wishes Nathasha Alvarez Happy Birthday

I’m one happy chica!

My other gifts were amazing as well. Perfume, candles, Starbucks gift card, homemade cards (I LOVE THOSE!) and other goodies made me feel loved and appreciated.

These past two weeks, I’ve stayed late after class which is very rare for me. I did it because I wanted to do it.

Too many of students were becoming content with earning a “C” in my class. I couldn’t believe it. It was more shocking to realize that parents were becoming content with a “C” as well. Don’t they want more for their precious ones?

Has our society become so depressed that earning a “C” in core classes is like reaching the top? I hope not. Our country can’t afford any more mediocre people.

Their futures can’t afford it either.

I’m going to do my best now to give them the skills to build a better future.
Teaching isn’t only about teaching the subject. It’s about tapping into the unknown part of a student’s potential and watching it blossom.


  • Dad of DIvas

    It makes such a difference to have kids that you can connect with and that care for you as not only a teacher but as a person! Keep up the great work, you are definitely reaching them and making a difference in their lives!

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      It’s not always easy. Teachers become disillusioned at times. This year has been a boon for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan)

    With all the negativity we hear about schools and students, this was so refreshing to read. LOVE that you are getting the kind of LOVE you deserve!

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      Bruce, I thought my blog needed something positive 🙂

  • Carolina Milyanovich

    It’s students like that who make all the love we put into our chosen profession worth it. Some of my students made me cards to tell me I’m a great teacher and that I’m special to them. And it wasn’t even right before report cards! Just because. 🙂 These types of stories give me hope and keep me going. Even if they don’t get to that A this year, I’m sure you’re planting the seed to want to do their best beyond your class.

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      I know. It makes this year better. I also met with their parents after school these past 3 weeks. I think that will help.
      Thanks for stopping by here.

  • Aaron Brinker

    You give hope for our future in your words. Many people like to show nothing but negativity in our youth but I have always found it better to exemplify the positive and move forward. Thank you for making the extra effort and writing such a lovely piece.

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      Thank you. I find it easier to write about something that touches my heart. My students this year managed to do that.

  • Victoria M.

    Hi Ms. Alvarez! Thank you so much for that beautiful blog post. I really love it. I’ll tell everyone about it 🙂

    Victoria M.

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      Thank you, Victoria. It was a pleasure writing about the wonderful feeling I get watching you and your classmates learn in my class. Hold on tight. It’s going to be crazy ride until the end of the year.

  • maria fernanda

    Heyyy!!!!!….. Ms. Alvarez I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for us and how thankful I am to have such a great teacher.
    -Maria Fernanda V.

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      Thank you, Maria Fernanda. I love teaching all of you.

  • Michael Maulini

    Hi….. I like this post
    -Michael Maulini

    • Nathasha Alvarez

      Hi Michael! I’m glad you liked it. You made my day.