A Teacher Learns from Her Students

Nathasha Alvarez Some teachers are counting down the number of days until summer vacation. I’m counting the number of days I have to continue educating these 7th graders. I don’t usually do that.

But I thought there was something about these kids that I liked. Turns out, I was right for the most part. Continue reading “A Teacher Learns from Her Students”

Teachers Have Favorite Students. I do.

Favorite students
Former student remembers me. Didn’t need to give her my name.

The first time I did my full time clinical teaching internship, I realized that I would have favored students in my life. It’s not something that teachers want to admit because we do our best to not have any favored students. But I’m here to let you know that if you’re a teacher and you don’t have favored students, this might not be the career for you.


If you’re a parent and a teacher appears to take a special interest in your child,

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5 Ways For A Successful End of the School Year For Teachers, Parents and Students

Nathasha Alvarez Ending the School Year
Advanced Students Exhibit Their Projects

This year Miami-Dade County Public Schools start Spring Break at the end of the third quarter which will be March 22, 2013. Nice! When we return, we have two weeks left until FCAT takes over our lives and the rest of the time to tie up loose ends. Continue reading “5 Ways For A Successful End of the School Year For Teachers, Parents and Students”