NaBloPoMo: The Final Match

NaBloPoMo Challenge I’m doing the NaBloPoMo challenge. That’s where I write a blog post every day in November. I’ve done this before but didn’t always successfully complete all thirty days. This might be the year! Who knows? I think it’s like a boxing match and I’m Rocky Balboa. I feel pretty confident this year because […]

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Tests Keep Aliens Away

Tests Ruin Our Children’s Future?

I thought I had finished venting in yesterday’s post about over testing our children. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Today when I arrived to work, I received notice that the last week of October will be filled with more “mandatory” testing from the district. That’s just for reading. The following week will be for math. […]

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Testing Gone Wild

State Testing Gone Wild

I love teaching. I love being in the classroom with my students and being a part of their learning years. I’m not alone. There are thousands of teachers who feel the same way. Lately something has gone incredibly wrong. It is like a silent disease that is spreading from one generation into the next one. […]

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Successful school year

Start the School Year with an A Plus

If you’re a parent of child still attending school then I know you can’t wait for school to start. If you’re in Miami, tomorrow is your day! Let’s make sure that your child is going to have a successful school year because as a teacher, I might have your student in my classroom. So we […]

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Social Media Guru

Five Reasons Why You Aren’t A Social Media Guru

Ever since your first tweet on Twitter back in the day, you’ve become enamored with the idea of becoming the next social media guru. In fact, your Klout score recently increased. That’s always a great indicator, right?   But hold on! Here are five reasons why you aren’t a social media guru.

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Nathasha Alvarez Latina Diva On Wheels

Secret Santa Keeps On Giving

  Hope you enjoyed Teresa’s post yesterday.  Thank you, Icess for starting this holiday blog tour. Now it’s my turn and I have to get this off my chest. Less than 30 days ago, I had a total “O-M-G!” experience. The kind you talk about with your closest friends. No, it’s not that kind of “O-M-G!” […]

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Student thanks teacher

Classroom Cheating Mirrors Real Life

Recently, a group of students were caught cheating in my classroom. Definitely one of the saddest and most disappointing days of this school year. I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t look them in the eye. It’s not as if they didn’t know how I felt about […]

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Nathasha Alvarez

A Teacher Learns from Her Students

Some teachers are counting down the number of days until summer vacation. I’m counting the number of days I have to continue educating these 7th graders. I don’t usually do that. But I thought there was something about these kids that I liked. Turns out, I was right for the most part.

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Miami Sunset Senior High School

Thank You Miami Sunset Senior High School

Part three. My high school teachers deserve to know that they helped me deal with some of the roughest years in my life. Thank you! May all of you continue to thank a teacher in your life. May and every other month in the year should be Teacher Appreciation month.   High School Don’t know […]

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