Project 365 Day #11 Tulips To Kiss the Cold Away

I woke up at 5:30 and the weather channel said it was 28 degrees outside but it also said it feels like 19! That’s all I needed to know about the day! I stayed home. It was to prevent me from getting sick but it seems no such luck! I have a nagging cough that is making me sick!

I had no idea that Mother Nature had such a wicked sense of humor! Thanks Mummy! Now can you please give us some sun? Just a few extra rays.

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Project 365 Day #10

FuFu Weather & Fendi Agrees

Several years ago, I penned the word F00F00 to those fluffy slippers that people wear at home. One Christmas, my Aunt Consuelo gave everyone unique Foofoos to fit their personality. Mine resemble my late fluffy love, Scrappy. Now I wear mine when the weather gets so freaking cold! And today, 35 degrees in Miami makes it FREAKING cold!

Fendi seems to think that I wear them to entertain her!

Day #9 Happy Birthday To Me

Bad Day For a Celebration

To most people, this cold,windy, cloudy weather is depressing. To me, it’s comforting. This year, I didn’t really have much of a plan for my 40th birthday. Other than the fact that I made it another year, I wasn’t too gung ho about celebrating.

Luckily, the weather helped me out. I spent the day inside, relaxing, reflecting and having visitors come to wish me a happy birthday.

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Project 365 Day #4

A Crack In The Rear!

This is being written today but the picture is from yesterday because there was no way in the world that I could have written anything last night. Bottomline, my car got hit in the rear and I am ticked off! I was on 147 avenue, on my way home from work. Luckily, my car was not moving and the car behind me didn’t hit me so hard that it would engage the air bag but that doesn’t mean there is no pain today. There is! I feel foggy and my back feels like someone did tae bo on it.

The rescue team was constantly reassuring me that it could have been worse. I don’t disagree there but someone needs to relay that message to my body.

My car is brand new! Last year, I didn’t know whether to buy a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord but after reviewing the crash tests, I chose the Honda because it out performed the Toyota in rear end crash tests. And looky here! Rear end crash and my car only needs a new bumper! I am super fortunate for that! Happy snappy, I say!

However, not only do I have an achy breaky back but I have this horror that one day someone will rear end me harder and that air bag will kill me! Since I have brittle bones, aka Osteogenesis Imperfecta, the pressure from the airbag could have caused significant physical injury to my body. It would be better if I didn’t have the airbag at all. Now, this is something I have heard from several people with OI. The problem is that it is illegal to tamper with the airbag. There should be an exception to this law! I don’t feel like having my face flattened!

Project 365 #3 Brr..It’s Freaking Cold!

Project 365 Day 3 Brrr! Is this Miami?

Weatherman says it will be chilly but he never said it would “OMG! FREAKIN COLD!”

This little latina diva on wheels is chillin in Miami! I am a huge fan of cold days in Miami but this week is ridiculous. Now, we are being told that it will get even colder. Is there any ajiaco in the house?

The number one reason why I don’t live in the north is because I couldn’t stand to be locked up in my home for weeks or months  during these winter cold blasts. It can do major damage to any diva’s life; socially, mentally and physically.

Although my heart is in New York, my body must be in Miami!

Project 365 Day #2 My Eyes

Blurry Eyes

This picture captures exactly how I see my surroundings at 6ish in the morning to walk Fendi for her poo poo dance. Amazingly enough, my iPhone camera captured it perfectly today.

There’s my car in the background, a nice reminder that I have the freedom to go wherever I want and not have to totally depend on Miami Dade County’s Paratransit system which might be in danger of changing and not for the better. The idea that our society would consider taking or limiting the service that greatly shapes the lives of people with physical disabilities is pathetic. It is greatly compounded by their excuse that it is the economy that is forcing their hands. I doubt it! So every morning I look at my car and pray that I never have to totally depend on Paratransit but I also promise every morning that I will continue to fight for its service because there are others who need it more than me.

Yesterday: A Little Behind on Project 365

Keeps Me Grounded To My Core Values

My fridge is more than a place to hold food that usually goes to waste because I hate cooking. Therefore, I make the most of it by putting pictures, phrases, cards and anything else that will make me feel good. I have last year’s birthday card from my sister because she picks out the best cards ever! Then, she adds her own sabor to the message. It always puts a smile on my face.

This past Christmas like every other Christmas, my students give me wonderful gifts but this year like every other year, one or two students will write a special message in a store bought or homemade card. Despite the Diva attitude I have about Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, I love these gifts the most because they come from the heart. So I put two up on the fridge to remind me that despite how poorly teachers get treated by society, we still make a difference in the lives of children. And that…is…PRICELESS! Yeah, I had to say that.

There is also a page that I ripped out of a magazine. “Stop At Nothing.” I love that quote. When I think of the goals I have to achieve by the deadlines that I give myself, that quotes gives me the fuel to keep pushing forward. Everyone should have something that makes them feel like Rocky Balboa.

I learned a long time ago from Amway that I need to put visual pictures of the things I want and that’s why I have that picture of photo frames. They are the right size and color for my living room. Unfortunately, they are not the right price for my bank account. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the United Teachers Of Dade and Miami Dade County School Board for ensuring that my former contract never be honored and that the present contract only brings laughter rather than tears.

But you know, karma is a beautiful thing. 🙂

There are a few other memorable pieces like the Eiffel Tower magnet that a friend brought back from her trip because she knows how much I would love to visit Paris, meet a wonderful man named Jean Pierre and eat Croissants forever.

So there you have it. Yesterday’s picture.
Next post will be about today’s picture and then I will be all caught up.