Leaving It All Out Here

I realized over the summer that I had neglected this site. I do this often. But this time, it will be different. Not different because a miracle occurred. The only miracle is that I am now fifty three years old.

I can’t believe that I’m a veteran middle school teacher. I’ve survived numerous administrators, the good, the crooked, and the cruel. And I’ve endured colleagues who make me wonder if they even know the word integrity. But my students keep me returning every August. I love middle school. Probably because I loved my junior high school years at Centennial Junior High School.

I have a two adorable nieces, Bella and Soleil. I have a Luke. He’s my nephew. It’s not a grammatical mistake when I wrote, “I have a Luke.” He’s something else. I’m excited to see him when he’s in middle school. I have a feeling I will be laughing more than his parents.

Audacitymagazine.com is 20 years old. I wanted to celebrate big. But my health got in the way. It’s been a thorn on my side. That’s it for now because I’m sounding like a cranky person. I won’t be telling people about this site. It will be for me. If people find it, that’s okay too.