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  • Tis the Season to Be on a Holiday Blog Tour!

      Tomorrow starts a great tour of blogs! Created by Icess Fernandez Rojas, a group of amazing bloggers will each post a holiday theme post on their personal blog. You get to go to each one of them for free!

  • Occupy UTD: United Teachers of Dade Is Not Too United

      From noon today until tomorrow at 3 pm, Miami-Dade County Public School teachers will be occupying the United Teachers of Dade building. They are protesting the contract which we all will be voting on tomorrow. 1. Many teachers realized that

  • Superintendent Carvalho Throws Crumbs at Teachers

    This post is dedicated to my childhood friend, Bernabe Perez. He doesn’t fully understand my gripe with Miami-Dade County Public Schools treatment toward teachers and most importantly toward the students. This post might clear up some misunderstandings. Today The Miami Herald wrote about a tentative agreement between the school board and the United Teachers of […]

  • Are You Looking The Other Way?

    A good friend of mine asked me why I bother discussing the corruption in our school system when it’s obvious no one cares. He is right to a degree. Almost no one cares. I care. As long as I care, I will continue to speak about the injustices and financial mismanagement in Miami Dade County […]