Thank You Miami Sunset Senior High School

Miami Sunset Senior High School

Part three. My high school teachers deserve to know that they helped me deal with some of the roughest years in my life. Thank you!

May all of you continue to thank a teacher in your life. May and every other month in the year should be Teacher Appreciation month.


High School

Don’t know if any of you know this but I really hated high school. I cried every day after school. I wanted to go to Miami Southridge Senior High School not Miami Sunset Senior High School. I loved my teachers. The social atmosphere was a real turn off.

Luckily for me, I had some great teachers.  I did my best to take the best from them and use it in my classroom.  One of the best role models was my geometry teacher. Mr. Frank Caballero taught the material with a sense of humor. I don’t remember drifting off in his class. I knew that if I didn’t pay attention I wouldn’t be able to do the homework or pass his pop quizzes. He kept me on my toes. He was also a “with it” teacher. For example,  he belted out the lyrics from Robert Palmer’s song, “Addicted to Love” depending on your behavior. If you weren’t paying attention he would say “The lights are on but you’re not home” or if you weren’t telling the truth or misstated a fact he would say “you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to lies”. It was hilarious. The students knew he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

If you’re really out of it, he’d ask “Are you booga booga?” Even writing this makes me laugh aloud. I use “booga booga” in my classroom. Too funny. I don’t know if I can continue to write about him because the memories have me laughing. He would make sarcastic comments with a sincere tone in his voice. Unless you were sharp, you’d never notice it.

Years later, I had the honor of attending a teacher protest with him. We walked around and around together. I don’t think he truly understood how amazing he was in my life. Geometry is the one mathematical course that I would feel comfortable teaching in high school.

I learned that it’s ok to allow yourself to enjoy being in the classroom and that other students will notice that too.  I learned it’s important to be a “with it” teacher.

Thank you, Mr. Caballero.

Continue to join me here as I dedicate this month to the amazing teachers in my life. Remember, May is Teacher Appreciation Month.

Who stood out as your most “with it” teacher?