Seventeen-year-old Nikhil Goyal speaking at Florida International University

Ceresta Smith A Miami-Dade County Public School Teacher
Ceresta Smith is a Miami-Dade County Public School teacher

“NCLB effectively created the system of “teaching to the test” and “canned curricula” giving teachers less and less control over their classrooms, while  students spend more and more time preparing for Continue reading “Seventeen-year-old Nikhil Goyal speaking at Florida International University”

Superintendent Carvalho Throws Crumbs at Teachers

Miami Dade County Public School Teachers' Salary Scale
Miami Dade County Public School Teachers’ Salary Scale

This post is dedicated to my childhood friend, Bernabe Perez. He doesn’t fully understand my gripe with Miami-Dade County Public Schools treatment toward teachers and most importantly toward the students. This post might clear up some misunderstandings.

Today The Miami Herald wrote about a tentative agreement between the school board and the United Teachers of Dade. This new contract wants teachers to accept crumbs. Continue reading “Superintendent Carvalho Throws Crumbs at Teachers”

Miami Dade County Public School System Pays The Miami Herald $16,000 Per Month To Report

Think about this quote as you quickly rush to believe what The Miami Herald prints about Miami Dade County Public Schools.

I am really enjoying this challenge to blog a post once a day. I didn’t know I had so much I wanted to share with the world. It’s very therapeutic.

Last night, I couldn’t take reading The Miami Herald online articles anymore. Its one sided reporting on the issues regarding Miami Dade County Public Schools, its school board and its Superintendent Alberto Carvalho were sickening.

The people who were reading these articles probably believed all of these untruths. There was no way that I could reach them with the truth as fast as the newspaper. It was like yelling into an empty room. Very frustrating.

I know I have better things to do with my time than focus on a system that is too corrupt to know the difference between right and wrong. But I do it because I can’t help not to do it. I can’t watch something wrong happen and stay quiet.

But I am thinking that if I share what I know with all of you, I might feel better. Maybe one day someone will stumble upon my blog and say, “Hey! Look! Someone was speaking the truth!”

So here goes. Continue reading “Miami Dade County Public School System Pays The Miami Herald $16,000 Per Month To Report”

Are You Looking The Other Way?

Not looking the other way makes me a rebel.

A good friend of mine asked me why I bother discussing the corruption in our school system when it’s obvious no one cares. He is right to a degree. Almost no one cares. I care. As long as I care, I will continue to speak about the injustices and financial mismanagement in Miami Dade County Public School System. I can’t look the other way because I know that this will have an impact on our students which in turn will have an impact on our economy and the world around us.

I have a better question: Why do people look the other way? Continue reading “Are You Looking The Other Way?”

Save Education! Vote #223 on the Bond Referendum

Since it is a presidential election year, people feel that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything. Therefore, I thought I should add that I am a registered Democrat and Dr. Maria Peiro is a registered Republican. Yet, we both agree that giving our school board $1.2 BILLION dollars to play with is a very bad idea. In fact, it’s a road we don’t want taken by anyone.

This is her take on it. Love to know your thoughts.

Dr. Maria Peiro:

I will be voting NO and have told everyone to vote NO. There are still many underenrolled schools that could be closed and many other things that could be done to release money to fix the rest of the schools. The Miami Dade County Public School board wants to raise taxes the cowardly way. Put it on the referendum and if it passes, then it was the voters who voted for it. However, the voters are mostly misinformed about this. The school board members have wasted lots of capital improvement money that was previously given to them by the state. They have had flexibility in moving money from the general budget to the capital budget, and they have done so. Where did that money go?