A Slice of My Life

Finally! My personal blog is up and all of you are invited to participate in it. This little place is the place where I will discuss everything that pops into my brain. For those who know me, this can be a dangerous place. People ask me all the time, “What are you thinking about?” And now, they are going to know. But sometimes, they are going to wish they never asked at all.

I live a unique life. I’m comfortable in a wheelchair. I know no other way of living. I was born in New York, live in Miami and I’m expected to behave like a “Latina” whatever that might be.

I’m a middle school teacher for Miami-Dade County public schools which is nothing to be bragging about but at least, I can help students make the world a better place. I hope.

Everything around me makes me think too much. Stupidity and chaos drive me insane.

This is the place to explore all of these topics and more. I also have an online website, audacitymagazine.com. It’s an award-winning website aimed  at promoting people with physical disabilities who want to live or are living an audacious life. Check it out!

But don’t worry, although I’m known as the Latina diva on wheels, this site will have guest bloggers who want to share either in agreement or in opposition to my views about everything under the sun.

Some of the things that are really bothering me these days occur in the educational system of Miami-Dade. At the present moment, I’m the president of the Miami Educators Alliance, a professional organization for educators. While the Union Teachers of Dade would like everyone to think that we are competing with them, it is very far from the truth.

If we wanted to compete with them, it would be too easy because they do nothing to help teachers. So let’s say it right here and now, the Alliance doesn’t want to compete or takeover the United Teachers of Dade.

Anyway, there will be guest bloggers as well.

If you have something you want to share let me know.