NaBloPoMo: The Final Match

My Rocky Shadow Pose

NaBloPoMo Challenge

I’m doing the NaBloPoMo challenge. That’s where I write a blog post every day in November.

I’ve done this before but didn’t always successfully complete all thirty days. This might be the year! Who knows?

I think it’s like a boxing match and I’m Rocky Balboa.

I feel pretty confident this year because I have some pretty cool coaches in my corner. I’ve been religiously reading and taking notes from Jon Morrow, Marc Ensign and Chris Brogan. So if I screw up, you can blame them! Ha ha.


It could get ugly with lots of blood and sweat. Very Rockyish.

NaBloPoMo is about going round after round of blogging.

Only the strong survive. I must survive.

The Secret

I’ve heard stories where bloggers lose their minds in the NaBloPoMo challenge every year.  They want to create the best posts ever and achieve fame and fortune. Luckily my greatest challenge is to be myself while keeping you interested in this blog. I’m ok without the fame and fortune. We shall see what happens after today.

I will be going to my corner after every round to see what great advice my three coaches have for me. You can go to their sites and sign up for the newsletters or programs and get the same secretive information that I receive only a weekly or daily basis. They are my secret weapon.

Take Action

After every post, I will ask you to do something. It could be to say “hi” or to share the post or give advice or share your opinion. Only the weak will read and not take action. Yeah! I said it! The weak. But you’re not weak. So don’t get offended.

Notice To You, My Loyal Reader

I will write creative short stories, give honest insight on life as a Miami Dade County public school teacher, and tell you about things that keep me up all night including the ongoings of my non profit Audacity Magazine so if I’ve written something in the past that you want me to touch upon again, let me know in the comment section.


*Ding! Ding!*

Let’s start the first round of NaBloPoMo